3 DIY hair masks for split ends

Split ends are unfortunately a recurrent problem, especially for those with long and dry hair. We must treat them with care and try to prevent them. Very important are everyday actions. Every day we take care of our hair without even realizing it, or we damage and weaken it. DIY Masks should be done once a week.

How to prevent split ends

To prevent split ends,  first of all you have to cut off the end, 0.5 cm hair,  every two months. If your hair is very dry, wash it before you make a mask with specific products  to treat split ends and leave on for 10 minutes. Obviously the choice of the latter is very important: choose it delicate, enriched with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients that prevent dehydration of the hair and containing polymeric substances with the reparative function of the damaged areas.

Never forget to apply the balm at every wash because, with its hydrating, nourishing and conditioning, is an excellent cure for fragile hair and helps to avoid the occurrence of split ends. Always wash with warm water, as the hot water does dry out the hair and skin of the skull. After each wash, to wet hair and comb it before, spread a few drops of flax seed to soften them and prevent the brush break them. Never rub the towel but pat! Blow dry with the lowest temperature and at a distance of 10-15 centimeters.

Mask to eliminate split ends


1 egg

a small pack of cream

two tablespoons of olive oil

You have to combine the egg  in a small bowl with the cream. Stir well and then add the two tablespoons of oil. Now you’ll have to apply the product on the hair, of course, concentrating on the ends and less on the roots. Bandaged his head with a cloth and keep it on for 20 minutes. Then you can just wash your hair with your usual shampoo and balm.

Mask for hair against split ends


2 tablespoons olive oil

1 egg

2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

Beat the egg in a bowl, add two tablespoons of oil, and two of apple cider vinegar. Slightly heated the mixture in a water bath and apply it on split ends, lascitelo on for half an hour and then wash your hair with lukewarm water. A simple and quick treatment that will allow us to have long hair faster and eliminate for a while the appearance of unsightly split ends.

Pack for split ends of the egg and shea butter hair:

mix one egg yolk and a tablespoon of shea butter. Unite a spoon of yogurt and one of olive oil. Once amalgamated all, spread out on the hair and leave on for 30 minutes. Then you can just wash your hair with your usual shampoo and conditioner.

Finally I propose a recipe DIY to nourish and strengthen the hair: make a mixture with 10 drops of essence of rosemary and 20 drops of chamomile and add them to a shampoo for dry hair. After twenty days of washing with this product, you will see the dramatically restructured hair!

If you are consistent your hair will gain a beauty that you would never expect! Do not forget, though, every two months to go to the hairdresser to grow from the hair to eliminate the most fragile tips and strengthen the hair.

diy hair masks for split ends

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